You've been chosen to participate in Wikia's beta testing program.

We're excited to get started and get your feedback on the new look of Wikia. We'll be giving you exclusive access to use Wikia with the new layout. As a part of this program we're requiring that each participant not share any screenshots, text, conversations or other content you have access to as part of the beta testing program.

To agree to the terms of non-disclosure and participate in the beta program please submit this form by 8/26/2010.

If you agree to these terms we'll be sending you information on how to access the beta version of Wikia in the coming weeks. We'll be granting access in small, spread-out groups - the first of which will be sent out on Monday, August 23rd, 2010. If you don't receive your invitation on Monday don't worry, you will be receiving a beta invitation in the coming weeks.

Look forward to seeing you!

The Wikia Team