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  • TacticalMaster

    My town just rained for seven straight days and I have not been able to see a speck of sunlight. How am I supposed to get genuine screenshot pictures of Katie under these conditions? Well... I don't even have any friends yet and people weren't responding to my "Find Katie!" blog post.

    But I was wondering: Has anybody had this longest rainy week? This is actually the first time with me ever having this in my Animal Crossing career.

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  • TacticalMaster

    Hi guys. TacticalMaster here. I enjoyed contributing to this wiki alot. Uploading pictures, writing info, even doing things everyone would least expect it. But now, here's my next contribution to the wiki:

    ...And it's Katie! That's right, the little kitten who is only seen when you visit your friends frequently. According to its current info, she appears AFTER you leave your friend's town to go back to your own. Right?

    Trouble is, I don't have any friends. That, and I really enjoy my "me time" a lot. But I'm only doing this "friend seeking" thing so I can go and contribute to the Katie page. But if you really want to visit my town and meet new townies, then I'll be available for only two hours.

    So, I'll start being available on June 26, 2013. …

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