Hi guys. TacticalMaster here. I enjoyed contributing to this wiki alot. Uploading pictures, writing info, even doing things everyone would least expect it. But now, here's my next contribution to the wiki:


...And it's Katie! That's right, the little kitten who is only seen when you visit your friends frequently. According to its current info, she appears AFTER you leave your friend's town to go back to your own. Right?

Trouble is, I don't have any friends. That, and I really enjoy my "me time" a lot. But I'm only doing this "friend seeking" thing so I can go and contribute to the Katie page. But if you really want to visit my town and meet new townies, then I'll be available for only two hours.

So, I'll start being available on June 26, 2013. And, to make sure I got my me time, I'm going to put up a schedule on what times I'll be available. I really have other games to play and other hobbies to do than Animal Crossing. So I hope you'll understand.

Remember: I'm only available for only two hours. Also, in order to get in my town, you have to use this Sign-In Sheet on my front userpage so I can be notified by Email. I always check my email when doing edits on wikis. So that will be easier for me to hear the doorbell and answer it.

My friend code is: 3909 - 7596 - 8819

So let's just get along and make our game even bigger by meeting different townies!

Also, not only I'm here just to do find and get pictures of Katie, I also need a new haircut. So I'd appreciate it a lot if you do have Shampoodle. My hunch is that most of you guys do TTing. :/