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  • Taliseth

    I have drawn out some things to make the wiki look a little more refined. I would like to test them out at some point. It would be a different background for each season (of course I would have to change it manually each season, but that is a little price to pay for aesthetics).

    What do you guys think?

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  • Taliseth

    This should have been done ages ago really :P.

    Ever seen those complicated, overly long scientific names that come with animals? Sometimes they are called latin names. Yes, the word "latin" makes many people cringe, but today, for the benefit of this wiki, this will change. My laptop battery is running flat and I'm tired so sorry if it seems rushed. I may add more to it in future. And I'm 15, so don't expect a whole thesis here.

    A scientific name has three main parts, but we only need to worry about two on this wiki. The three parts are the Genus, species and subspecies as follows:

    Cabbage White, Pieris rapae (rapae)

    Pieris = genus

    rapae '= species

    (rapae) = subspecies not important

    The species is specific (see the word similarity) to one individual…

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