Animal Forest (Doubutso no Mori, to be exact) is the little-known original Animal Crossing for Nintendo 64, which was ported to Gamecube a year later as Animal Crossing. The only diiference between the two games is that the Nintendo 64 version is stuck in Japanese, which makes

Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0005

Title screen

everything significantly more confusing. Other differences include missing characters (Tortimer, Kapp'n, Blathers, and the Able Sisters were not created at the time), less features, and slightly different graphics. 


The only real interest I have in it is in the test worlds. Yes, Animal Crossing does have hidden areas, they range from entire towns to rooms to weird landscapes.  If you have the actual game or rom of it, the method of getting to these worlds is simple, but does require Gameshark. The code isD0145B31 001081106F14 0073D0145B31 001081106F16 F4D0D0145B31 001081106F18 0074D0145B31 001081106F1A 1A40D0145B31 001081106F1C 8080 Enter it and load the game. Make sure you have a save file.
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0014

Yes, I do have it translated in English.

When you get to the start prompt, choose the second option ("Not yet" in English)       
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0015

Entering the settings.

Now choose the second option ("Other" in English) and hold down the "R"button       
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0016

Oh no... the translation stopped working!

As you can see, my English patch stopped working. Wonderful. Anyway, select the second prompt.       
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0017


Yes, this is the option to delete your town. However, if you have the code enabled and holding down "R" your town will not be deleted.      
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0018


Hit the second option.       

Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0021

Goodbye, town.

HA! I got you to delete your town! HA HA HA! Just kidding... press A and you should get...      
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0022

It works!

The selection menu! It's real!     Go ahead and explore... just note that, as with most beta things, you may see unexpected things like wierd neighbors and unused content. 
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0001
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0024

Basketball goals?

(And some of these things may freeze or glitch the game... you have been warned)      
Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0026


Doubutsu no Mori (J) snap0028

Glitched houses


It is really neat if your into beta-related things!