My neighbors are insane. Flora is prime example. Everyday the first thing she does is invite me over to her house. Once I am in her house (because I simply can't say no), she begins to chat with me about the stuff she dropped on her carpet. Pie, coffee, cake, apparently she dropped it all. Then she makes me buy furniture (%75 percent is pink), and when I finally break free, she sends me a dress in the mail as a thank you gift. EVERY DAY! Bunnie is even worse, she has a crush on me. I get letters from her saying I am her "Best Friend Forever", and that's adorable, but when she ends it with hearts and asks me if I want to wear matching clothes I can't help but feel concerned. Hippeux is nice to me, but as a reward for helping him he gave me a toilet, and even said "This is a nice thank you gift, isn't it?". Seriously... I don't know what to do with my neighbors.