Okay, so you know them New York Knicks? Well, last December my cousin Kat's friend went to see them with her boyfriend (Front row!!). So guess who was in her row? Alicia Keys and Will Smith and other totally major stars!!!! AND GUESS WHO SAT BEHIND HER??????????

The one and only Justin Bieber (and his bodyguard)!!!!!!!!!

This was insanely epic, this next part:

So,she said "Hi" to him (He wasn't epically popular yet), and stuff, but the bodyguard (Kenny) wouldn't really let her say much, you know how creepy people are these days. So, after a while, Justin asks her where Rihanna was sitting!!!! (FACT: Justin <3's Rihanna) She didn't know, but still! How many times has that happened to you???

Most of you were probably bored while reading this, but I thought it was interesting (Probably because I love JB and the only remotely famous person I've met was that guy Ace from American Idol).

P.S.-Justin found Rihanna (happy ending)

P.P.S.-My cousin's friend will now forever be known as the girl who was talked to by Justin, and the girl who got better seats then him!!!!