Hey there, Wikians. New Leaf has been a major success for Animal Crossing and I was hoping to create a way to better bring together users to play. I saw that the wiki already had an easy profile template for friend codes, but I wanted to expand it a bit further than that for New Leaf, to better show off the details of our towns, characters, and such.


Here's a mockup of what I had in mind: This template includes spaces for:

  • Character Name
  • Town Name
  • Town Fruit
  • Wanted Items
  • Friend Code

You can also bring in photos of your avatar on the right hand side, if you wanted to show off your latest fashions. What do you think of the template? Details can be easily exchanged and pulled into your wiki profile for quick referencing!

Are there any other spots that I should include in the template? Items for sale or something or other? I'd love to hear your feedback so I can create something perfect for us.

(The alignment for the text is off, and can be easily fixed!)

Thanks so much!