• TheFoxyLadie

    Fossils and Friends

    September 1, 2013 by TheFoxyLadie

    Hey so my friend and I are looking to gain more friends! We would prefer people who play fairly often since we are daily players. I usually open my town once a day 7pm Eastern time. Though if your write me a note or send me a message on what time you would like to visit I can try to open them at a different time. 

    Also, I am looking for a Dimetrodon tail. If you have one I am willing to pay 10k for it. It is the last fossil I need. If you need fossils let me know and I will save them for youCurrently I sold my fossils for today

    My friend code is:0387-9276-7682

    My friend's is:  4484-8653-8287

    Make sure to post yours so we can add you in return. I will try to have my town open alot today.

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