I know there have been a lot of complaints about some of the translations, but this is a more logical approach to their names rather than personal preference. I'm actually really into nameology. I like researching their meanings especially and discovering where certain names originated. But just like in real life, some names that have appeared on this Wiki are leaving a lot of people staring with their jaws dropped in disbelief.

Without further ado, here is the logical direction they could've gone with SOME of the confirmed translated names. I won't mention those that aren't localized yet as of this blog's date (except one I'll get to at the end).

Annalisa - Her Japanese name is "Miyabi" which means "elegance". Makes sense. Annalisa is definitely the most elegant of all the anteaters in my opinion. With the localization's obsession with giving the anteaters names that begin with "An", they could have gone with a synonym of "elegant": "angelic". "Angela" or "Angelica" would have sufficed and would have prevented Annalisa's name from competing with fellow anteater Anabelle and horse Annalise.

Beardo - When I first saw the name "Beardo", I rhymed it with "weirdo" without even thinking that the first part could sound like "bear". I guess I was just used to seeing it as "Beard" for so long. It COULD have been "Beard" as a direct Japanese translation, OR it could've been "Baird" which is an actual name. Personally, I think this guy should've been named "Baird". "Baird" is an Irish name that means "poet" which actually suits Beardo's appearance and home decor very well.

Katt - I mean, it suits her, but it's uninspired. If going the obvious route, I would've named her "Cathryn" instead.

Tammy - Seeing as there is already a Tammi in the game, the translators probably would've been better off keeping her Japanese name "Anessa" or even "Vanessa". Granted, there is technically already a "Vanessa" in the game, with that wolf being absent presently and only being a villager in the Japanese exclusive Animal Forest e+, it would be okay to have Tammy be "Vanessa" and translate the wolf's name later if need be. Still, "Anessa" would be a fine name too.

Cherry - And again, Cheri already exists. This villager's name in Japanese was "Hannah" which would've been a cute name for a dog. If the localization crew wanted to be punny, then "Alesha" would be great for a dog. Get it? A-LEASH-a? It'd be a cute pun without A) having an overlapping/clashing name with someone else and B) sounding lame. "Cherry" fits point A.

Marcie - Unlike Vanessa, there is already a Marcy from the English games that could potentially come back who is also a kangaroo! I was looking up the meaning of "Maria" and found that it means "bitter". Not very suitable for this cute kangaroo. But also while searching, I found "Matilda" which means "mother". I figured that is where Mathilda's name came from. So I looked on that list and found the name "Elaine". It also means "mother", and I think it is pretty and suits this particular villager.

Deli - I just don't see why the "h" was taken out of his name. It's simply an unnecessary change, especially since his name derives from the Monkey-man of Delhi...with an "h".

Hazel/Hazel/Sally/Sally - This is when messing with translations too much turns bad. Sally from Animal Crossing should've remained "Sally". Hazel from Animal Crossing should've remained "Hazel". This new squirrel should've been something else. If not "Iris" then maybe "Acorn", "Cheeks", or "Nastasha" (since a squirrel is a NUT STASHER).

Claudia - As much as I love the name "Claudia", I think the intention of this particular villager was to be modeled after Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe. Since "Claudia" does suit a tiger (CLAW-dia), the name could've been saved for a female tiger in the future that wasn't specifically designed to look like someone particular.

Broffina - Bless this poor, poor chicken. Almost ANY name would have been better suited for this villager. Her Japanese name is "Cassandra"...beautiful. If "Broffina" was the best the translators could come up with then holy guacamole, take out an "S", and just name her "Casandra" to fit within the 8-character limit for the game! As stupid as "Clucky" sounds, even THAT would be better...or "Heather" (which rhymes with "feather"). "Georgia" is a name of Greek origin meaning "farmer" which would also have been a cute choice. This chicken villager is actually cute, but the name ruins her for me. It's like a mockery. I understand chicken "broth" (thus "broff"), but that was a terrible direction to go.

Tex - I understand they were aiming for "tuxedo", but the mark was missed. I fully expected Coach's name to be "Tex" because "Tetchan" is phonetically close to sounding like "Texan" to English-speakers. I think a more suitable name would be something like "Burgh" or "Burgess". As a name, I don't like it, but for a penguin it works because of the icebergs. "Breeze" suits his "cool" look too.

Gayle - I really don't hate her name, but I think immature people will have fun with it. Her Japanese name is "Aligetty" which is basically a cute twist on "alligator". We already have an Alli, so that name is out. Since she has a heart design, I imagine she represents "courtship", so the name I came up with for her was "Courtney".

So there you go. Those are my opinions from a logical standpoint. I wouldn't name my kids some of the names I listed (i.e. Cheeks), but they work for these particular villagers, I think. Sorry it was so long.

By the way, I wanted to mention that Kumarosu hasn't been officialized yet by the Wiki, so I hope the translators follow through and go by his directly translated name "Bear Ross" and name him "Ross". I then hope that Rachel keeps her name so that my dream of having Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe in the same town can potentially be realized. Also, punny names like "Barold", "Hippeux", "Chadder", and "Curlos" are iffy. Something else like "Barry", "Tomas", "Cheddar", and "Carlos" would work well.