So today after deleting my favorite ACNL town, (on accident), I decided that it would be a good idea for me to continue playing the game, even though I was almost in tears when I deleted it. (Hahaha).  So this morning I started with a new town, and some new neighbors.  I got off the train as usual, but then I noticed something... A neighbor was here from my old town.  I know they just randomize per town, but I was so happy when Snake was in mine.  (Woohoo)!  So there I was picking where I wanted my new house, and talking with Nook.  And pretty soon I was living over by the ocean, with a bunch of other neighbors.  Usually I was trying to pick a spot where no body lived but I thought that I'd change it up a bit. (Haha).  And then, first thing I did was shake a tree... Why I decided to shake the only one with a bee hive in it... I'll never know.  So there I am at the ceremony, with a swollen eye.  (Haha).  So now today I'm still trying to get my rating up to 100%, which is no easy fete.  I was also looking at paths that I might want for my town.  Then I realized that I need to be BFF's with Sable.  So, now I play the waiting/talking game in my ACNL town.  

I'll be sure to write every so often so I can keep you guys informed.  C U SOON :D