Today was my lucky day. I'm serious. First, i started training for the Fishing Tourney(which is this sunday). I caught my fishing rod and arrived on the beach. And guess the first fish i caught? Tuna. Looks simple, but the tuna is rare. Believe me. Then i started looking for the Bell Rock. And, for the first time, i got all the money in it. Then i looked for my Palm Tree, and i was glad to see that he's growing sucessfully(It's my first sucessfull palm tree! Woo hoo!).

But tonight, the best happened. Remember that story in my user page? If you don't, here it is: "Well, it happened on February 2010(recently as you can see). I was trying to catch a Freshwater Goby just for fun. Then i found a huge shadow on the river. I first thought it was a carp, or a koi. Then after a time trying to catch it, i did it. It was a new, very huge fish, that i never seen before: yes, the Stringfish. This looks cool, but then the worst happened: My inventory was full, so the message "But my pockets are full! Should i swap it?" appeared. Distracted with the happiness, i accidentally choose "Release."[...]" I don't need to worry about that now. Yesh, i caught a new Stringfish, and it was donated to the museum sucessfully! Woo hoo[2]! The game was saved and i don't lost him! Hurray!

Believe me, everything listed here, really happened. That's all.

Remember guys(and girls), everything is possible if you believe it.