Wild World

Yesterday. The day i got the Golden watering can. Pascal was here. Today, Rover was in the roost and a fancy car rolled up here.

Remeber the fishing contest, last sunday? Yeah, i didn't win Hmm

Butch got mad after my Sea Bass beat his Horse Mackerel, and in the last minute, send a Red Snapper that was much more bigger than my previous fish. Anyway... i tried, at least.

Animal Forest

In Tomato, yesterday, i finally smashed all the cockroaches in my house (with a bug: i was placing new furniture, and even they're being new, cockroaches flied out of it!)P

I also started planting flowers over the town(come on, the only insects i have are the Common Butterfly and the Yellow Butterfly. Catching a Cockroach is impossible! They always flee..) .

We thought Anchovy moved out, but he's still in both Tomato and Mog. d. C..