Well, since my last post, various things happened on my town.

First, the exit of Rowan. Yes, he did move away, and the the new villager is the jock penguin Roald. He's cool, but i still don't believe he's a jock. Filbert also tried

Does he look like a Jock?

to move away, but he didn't.

My foe, Bella, is sick. and i'm not giving medicine to her. But i must think better, since sick villagers don't move away.

On the Fishing Tourney(28th February), the winner was Rowan himself, with a 78.8 inch Tuna, two days before he moved.

The Flea Markett(6th March)? Well, it don't changed anything on anyone's houses. so there aren't news on this part.

That's all. And don't forget, Wild World players, saturday is the La-Di-Day!

That's all.