Animal Forest

I meet Gulliver again. He said "Oh, no!", "I?", "Oh" and "Um". Also, Beefsteak (don't ask) and Azaraku moved in. I've never seen Gulliver in Wild World... the UFO is too fast! Same with Pete.

"I caught a Herabuna! I caught a Herabuna!" —Animal Forest

That thing is the possible catch quote for the Herabuna. I don't know... when the player catches one, he/she just repeats the same thing twice! Well, I need to see another catch quote, if the first line is similar, then it's correct (what I cannot believe).

Wild World

Purrl finished the Fishing Tourney season with a 31.0 Inch Carp. Anchovy tried to move out, but I won't let this happen! Maelle is no longer sick.