Everyone has been making posts about school., so it's my time. Remember of that:

  • If you want to play table soccer in the games room, be good on table soccer, or you will be humiliated forever.
  • It may be relatively low on students, but don't think it's low on messing.
  • Always have at least one friend.
  • Don't make stupid things, and jokes are only funny in the first time.
  • No one knows what is "Nintendo". They only known "Playstation".
  • Reveal what is your team, or they will think stupid things about you.
  • If the class is in silence and someone says something, don't say "shut up" or anything like that, because then someone will say "Shut up you!" and then another one will say "Silence!" and you'll create a chain reaction.
  • Always use the "flush" button when in the bathroom, if you don't know. Thank you.

Maybe I'll list more later.