I decided to make some top three lists with the villagers of Mog d. C.. Here we go:

Best villagers ever

  1. Filbert - But you all alredy known...
  2. Bones - i never tought a dog villager could be so cool...
  3. Bluebear - Good for a peppy

Worst villagers ever

  1. Bella - The only villager in this list to move away. Oh boy... (the irnoy: everybody from the first list already moved out...)
  2. Marina - is becoming more and more mean with the time, but she was very friendly when moved in
  3. Butch - He looks like he wil never move away... (urgh!)

Ugliest Villagers ever

  1. Pate - no doubt.
  2. Lucy - Mean and ugly.
  3. Queenie - not impressive, she's snooty.

Maybe i do more... maybe not.