Yeah, it's been a whooping 7 years (almost, I guess, since it was in August) since my last blog post, back when I was an admin here. If you're actually reading my blog and these old posts you'll probably find some real embarassing things I used to say and think back in 2010, when I was 12-13 years old. I'm not deleting or editing these (much like my old userpage is also here, in the edit history), so feel free to look at them and laugh at my preteen self, I don't care. I barely even knew how to write English properly back then from the looks of it... my first language, of course, is Portuguese, as I'm from Brazil.

I suddenly stopped coming here after I had some internet problems back in mid-2010, and later my nintendo DS (or should I say... my sister's...), which I used to play Wild World, barely even worked anymore. I guess I didn't even stay here that long after all, but these were fun times.

Oh well. I guess that's all I have to say here now. I guess I'd like to apologize to everyone for leaving so suddenly and mysteriously (12-year old me was scared of being honest to people), but I don't know if there's anyone else from this era still here, other than Dragonfree97 (with whom I briefly kept contact via reddit a few years ago... 2013-ish, I believe. Which was closer to 2010 than to today. That's pretty mindblowing, 2013 seems like yesterday). As I stated in my user page edit, I don't play Animal Crossing anymore. But I'm glad this place is still around. I'm not sure how much activity goes on here anymore, but I hope new editors in this and other wikis can also do a competent job at editing to one day be able to, even if no longer editing, look back and be proud of having helped someone, helped an entire community in some way, like I hope I did back then.

Best wishes to everyone.

And have fun reading my old blog posts if you want to venture into this territory...