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aka TurboJUSA

  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is Stop-Motion, Computer Modelling
  • I am Male
  • TurboJ Mario

    Here's an Animal Crossing parody of We Make A Team Together by Thomas and Friends.

    We make a team together
    One, two, three!
    We go build homes together
    Him, you, me!
    Best of friends forever will be
    Yeah, yeah!
    Better together

    We need our animals nearby us
    So they can help and guide us
    In every way
    And we know there's a home they will stay
    Yeah, yeah!
    Forever beside us

    Well there's nothing that I couldn't do
    When I'm crossing along next to you

    We make a team together
    One, two, three!
    We go build homes together
    Him, you, me!
    We stroll along together
    All the way

    So put it all together
    A B C!
    Whatever the weather
    Just you see!
    Grab your hands and join the team
    Yeah, yeah!
    Getting better and better

    Well there's nothing that we cannot do
    'Cos together we know we'll ge…

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  • TurboJ Mario

    Here's a song I've written as a parody of Thomas and Friends' Never Overlook A Little Engine. Here's how it goes:

    Never overlook a little villager
    Animals are really useful too
    We've got fruit to take
    And go fishing at a lake
    I've never known a job that I couldn't do

    Never overlook a little villager
    You can take you where we want to go
    We move inside a house
    But we're quiet as a mouse!
    And speak to Isabelle
    We don't go slow

    If you see Mr. Resetti
    Then you're making a mistake
    The beach isn't wetter than a tiny little lake
    A cherry might be tastier than a birthday cake
    And we can turn around in half the time those big guys take

    Never overlook a little villager
    We have set our sights upon the sky
    You need a lot of money
    Being big is not enough
    I've never known a …

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