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Hi y'all! This is my animal crossing blog, where I will be posting pictures frequently of ideas, bugs, fish, new villagers and maybe requests. I will be on here at least everyday to add new things on and maybe other stuff. Thanks for reading!

Request list

I will post all req's here.

The drawings



Sparkey the dragon villager (own creation)

Personality: Peppy

Birthday: 7/8

Catchphrase: ember

Initial Clothes: Entwined dress


Wavern the dragon villager (own creation)

Personality: Normal

Birthday: 21/7

Catchphrase: li'l flare

Initial Clothes: Blue moon tee


Alaska the wolf villager

Personality: Uchi

Birthday: 25/12

Catchphrase: breezie

Initial clothes: Starry shirt


Acacia the elephant villager

Personality: Uchi

Birthday: 23/4

Catchphrase: thorns

Initial Clothes: Triangle tee


Thanks for reading this blog. Feel free to submits request on my message wall, or in the comments. Don't worry, if I have seen your request I will put it up.

Wavern-the-Awsome (talk)

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