I own AC:WW and AC:CF and waiting for the AC:3DS, with so MANY new possibilities!!! Recently I rebuilt both of my towns... so this is where I will tell you about my AC towns (please tell me if you want to use my friend code City Folk: :


  • Name town Tenrai (japanese for divine)
  • Created Alice
  • Finished Nook's Chores
  • Bought fishing pole, net, and watering can
  • Caught an agrias butterfly (yay!)
  • Payed 1st mortgage
  • Sydney moved in


  • Name town Madland (after Wonderland, really into that right now, good book and movies, y'know)
  • Created Alice
  • Finished Nook's Chores
  • Bought net and fishing pole
  • payed 1st mortgage
  • upgraded Nook's (nook'n'go)
  • Coco moved in
  • bought shovel, timer, and watering can
  • Stitches moved in
  • Yuka moved in
  • Roscoe moved in
  • Goose moved in
  • Full town!

AC:3DS Possibilities (things that may or may not be possible, probably not):

  • Will Cornimer still be there? (after player becomes mayor, check ze wikia thread)
  • Yards
  • Pants
  • new flowers, clothes, villagers, etc. (including new K.K. songs)
  • exercise days (re-introduced like morning aerobics for AC for the GC)
  • new chapter of Shopkeeper's stories (Lyle= insurance scam to HRA then ?, or Blathers= learning 'bout fossils to afraid of insects to learning why to ?)
  • new personality-type(s) (maybe Groovy (M) and Funky (F) or Soulful (M) and Emotional (F))
  • bronze tools (GC= tools WW= gold CF= Silver 3DS= ?bronze?)
  • slingshot in multiple directions (maybe with just SOME tool ranks)