Ummm... Hello there this is my first blog, so please enjoy it!

If you like Animal Crossing, you problaly want a new one.

So, Here's what nintendo  should add In The Next ANIMAL CROSSING!

1.  A place to chat and share FCs.

I love making friends. MOSTLY everyone does. So why a area to do JUST THAT?

Lets call it the ummm.... "Chat Crossing" (I dont know what else to call it.)

And it would be COOL. Do you know how you have to be 13 to chat on a wiki?

Well, I'm pretty sure more 10 year olds play Animal Crossing Than 13yr olds do.

2. A Libary

I like reading books. I KNOW, I know, I'm a Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddddd.

But would it be cool to have an extra building in Animal Crossing?

You could make books, and buy books made by other players!

It would cost 500 bells to buy or make a book.

3. Upgraded Dream Suite.

Just add this

The building are open, you can buy stuff, and keep the stuff you already had before you went into the Dream.

4. A shop you can run!

There would be Tommy & Timmy Stuff, and you can add you own!

You can make the prices, even for the stuff already there, the open hours, and when your not there,

a Gyroid is there to run the store, Also, you can hire VILLGERS. You only have to pay them 2,000 bells a week.

Well Thats al, hope you liked this. - XVepic