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    February 14, 2012 by XxSoupnessxX

    Haha, you guys are funny. :P lemons c;

    K so, you insult me on here I really don't care..... it makes my day, though (:

    And if you guys think you're so smart when you type then think again 'cause I could slam you back anyday. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! (To haterz)

    K, now, the real.... um... blog... o.-

    Haven't been on here in a while, eh?

    Happy Valentines Day noobs -_-

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    Amanda a.k.a. Dogzlover226 is annoying the heck outta me! She has been for the whole dang school year! I don't mean to be mean Amanda but seriously stop touching me, kicking me, punching me, talking about a different boy every week, threatening u r going to kill urself!!!! And further more when amanda posted that i pulled her off the counter all she did was pull a muscle! And she has kicked me and punched me many times before and my friends and im sick of it so ill delete this once the message gets through her head! Amanda if you get what I am saying then comment on this that you'll treat me and my friends the way you want me to be treated! PLEASE STOPPP BULLYING ME AND MY FRIENDS! Thank you.



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  • XxSoupnessxX

    PandaStripe= BFF

    April 13, 2011 by XxSoupnessxX

    PandaStripe= bestieee forever

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    April 12, 2011 by XxSoupnessxX

    So, my mom took me and her boyfriend out to dinner and they ordered sushi ( i ordered coconut shrimp xD) and i never tried sushi before so i figured i'd give it a shot. well....... my mom didn't tell me she put wasabi on it and dropped it in soy sauce so she told me to close my eyes (which i really shouldn't have done) and open my mouth. about 3 seconds later i was in the bathroom spitting it out in the sink........... hmmm.... i guess sushi, wasabi, and soy sauce mixed together doesn't a gree with me.... and it gave me bad gas. O.o XD

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  • XxSoupnessxX

    triple a triple a triple a batteries is what i need so i cna use my camcorder so i can finish a music vid grrrrr D:<

    A few reasons why you might not want to hang out with me in public:

    • I dress like lady gaga, jessie j, kesha, pink, and rihanna mixed together into won perosn but im also tom boy ish so sorta of sorta not if i dont feel like bein myself XP
    • i will shout random words in public and scream them too
    • i get sudden chills down my spine so ill twitch and jump a little and scream
    • i will challenge boys to a burping conest and i randomly burp ( nice ones XD lol ) at my table and most of the girls are like "grossss tia! what the heck?!" i just smile x]
    • i will get agravated with myself, talk to myself, say "tia ok tia. CALM. down." or "shut up t…

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