triple a triple a triple a batteries is what i need so i cna use my camcorder so i can finish a music vid grrrrr D:<

A few reasons why you might not want to hang out with me in public:

  • I dress like lady gaga, jessie j, kesha, pink, and rihanna mixed together into won perosn but im also tom boy ish so sorta of sorta not if i dont feel like bein myself XP
  • i will shout random words in public and scream them too
  • i get sudden chills down my spine so ill twitch and jump a little and scream
  • i will challenge boys to a burping conest and i randomly burp ( nice ones XD lol ) at my table and most of the girls are like "grossss tia! what the heck?!" i just smile x]
  • i will get agravated with myself, talk to myself, say "tia ok tia. CALM. down." or "shut up tia! god!"
  • i will walk into walls and doors a few times in a row
  • i will make fun of things and not really make any sense
  • i say hi to people i dont even know

ok today imma write 2 random things

Gavin: cause im a pickle!

Me: Gavin shut up!

Gavin: Don't make fun of my kind!

Me: I have a kind..... but im the only one :S

and yeah soooooo go throw some dirt at ur aunt nowww buh bye ^_^