Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef........ THAT I'M A VEGETARIAN AND I'M NOT FLIPPIN SCARED OF HIM! lol sorry listening to a song on youtube............ XD

Today me and a few of my friends at my church are going to this place thingy where we make first aid kits and stuff for schools all over new enlgand! :D we are provided food and wter for brakfast and lunch. XD me and one of my best friends, Nora, is coming along. You might have hear dof Nora (Fabeio) from my best friend Pandastripe (aka: Lauren). Me, Nora, and Lauren consider ourself sisters. We think hat we were seperated at birth. lol but I'M the oldest. XD hahahahahaha sorry im spazin out.......... whoa....... ok i got it. And then after that, we leave a 2:00 p.m. and Julie ( a nice lady who will birng us there) will drop me, Nora, and another girl at my church, Maxine, off at the church for our parents to pick us up. But my grandma is picking me up and tkaing me to interskate 91 for my little cousins b-day party......... and....... yeah. it's gonna be a busy day don't cha think? XD

QUESTION TIME!: LAUREN! AMANDA! HOW WAS SEMI-FORMAL?!?!?!?! I asked a bunch of people but they didn't tell meh D; dance with anyone? ;) lol (im so evil and bad to them XD) (jk) (im nice) *cOuGH* O.o