aka Jazzy

  • I live in Enfield, Massachusetts
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is self-destructive binge watching
  • I am a being a pure energy with no known weaknesses
  • ~Chief~


    August 19, 2013 by ~Chief~

    Is it possible to figuere out who your islader is without going to the island?

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  • ~Chief~

    WHICH IS BETTER!?!?! i vote CITY FOLK. i mean, i do have mint in GCN now so that i dont have to get her in ctiy folk. yay.  NO CURT 4 ME!!!! i think.....i hate curt and now i see him in the city EVERY DAY from my friends town. oh noes. i am deleting her as a friend as soon as i get biskit, kid cat, and samoson. i hope i dont get curt in the process, cuz that would be bad. I just put this on underline and i dont know how to change it back. I still dont know who i am going to be on the ANimal Crossing Roleplay-


    Wolfgang moved last month ): there goes the wolves. When wolfgang moved. I got Tom. Notice on my profile page that is says Tom moved …

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  • ~Chief~

    Population: Growing!

    June 6, 2013 by ~Chief~

    i got population growing today for my wii. yay! wolfgang moved on my ACCF :( and i got tom.....again. he was in my town before.

    anyways, here are my GCN peeps:


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  • ~Chief~

    GENJI SMUG IN NEW LEAF!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! i just, like, hate smug villagers. and one of my favorites is now smug. NOOO!!!! smugs are boring and to serious. i am a peppy/lazy/jock person. a bit of cranky, uchi, and normal. zero tolerance for snooty or smug. ARGH! my equalvalent personaltiy for girls is peppy, and boys its cranky. and genji rocks. and now he's smug. but...nooo!!!! first ninjago is cancelled, second cookie moves, third stupid animal jam diamond shop, forth i have barely any friends, and now fifth smug bunnys. OTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ~Chief~

    Stalkers: o-kay. my name is jasmine, pekoe's japenese name is jasmine, i was born on May 18, pekoe's birthday is May 18.....omg, bud. (just kidding)

    Unansered question: When someone moves out of your town, will it always be someone form my friends tonw? i mean, i have a lsit of people that are going to move in. (curt, axel, mint, biskit, puck, hazel, whoops i meant sally, etc.) and its BORING!!! my hopes of getting a superhero-oh wait, she had kid cat. nvm. my hopes of getting pekoe, rodeo, brocollo, portia, glays, GONE!!! noooooo! i did get maple and victoria from hers.

    and she got cookie, tutu, spork, bettina, and other people i love form my town.

    Chrissy moved....its sad. first time my time travel trick didnt work.

    time travel trick: when a…

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