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Population: Growing!

~Chief~ June 6, 2013 User blog:~Chief~

i got population growing today for my wii. yay! wolfgang moved on my ACCF :( and i got tom.....again. he was in my town before.

anyways, here are my GCN peeps:

Penny <3


Bea <3

Jay <3

Monique, WHO I HATE. in ACCF, she's super nice to me. but not in this version.




EUNICE!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! she was in my town before in ACCF, but she moved D: but now..yaaaayy!!!!!


my towns name is StarClan, which for non warrior fans, is heavan for cats. WHICH MEANS MONIQUE IS DEAD :D

My person's name is Jasmine. for once i name it after myself.

my younger brother named his person sonic O_O

I am the most avid ACCF person in my family. my younger brother is second, my twin sister is third, but she just goes on the all girls account/my second one if she wants to play. Same with my older brother, only it is all boys/younger brothers second one.

over and out. :)

p.s. i got a summer camper already, and its lily

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