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The Varia Suit is Samus Aran's suit from the Metroid series. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it can be found in fortune cookies.

Fortune Cookies

Item Fortune Item Number
Helmet She who forgoes a hat and grabs a helmet knows not the sting of lava. 10
Shirt She who wears armor today is she who may wear armor tomorrow. 46
Pants She who wears lava-proof pants is prepared for any situation. 42
Boots She who wears laceless shoes is probably busy with space monsters.


Fortune Cookies will be found in Timmy and Tommy 's shop on Main Street . Fortune Cookies cost 2 Play Coins and is a 1/50 chance of getting what is desired, so buy every day. There are 2 Fortune Cookies to get every day unless the store is under construction or during Halloween when there is candy.



  • The Varia Suit shirt has a blue blaster gun, just like Samus in Metroid.

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