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Animal Crossing- City Folk (logo) Animal Crossing: City Folk
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Name Personality Species Birthday Catchphrase
Agent S ♀ Peppy Squirrel July 2nd "sidekick"
Al ♂ Lazy Gorilla October 18th "ayyyeee"
Alfonso ♂ Lazy Alligator June 9th "it'sa me"
Alice ♀ Normal Koala August 19th "guvnor"
Alli ♀ Snooty Alligator November 8th "graaagh"
Amelia ♀ Snooty Eagle November 19th "cuz"
Anabelle ♀ Peppy Anteater February 16th "snorty"
Anchovy ♂ Lazy Bird March 4th "chuurp"
Angus ♂ Cranky Bull April 30th "macmoo"
Ankha ♀ Snooty Cat September 22nd "me meow"
Annabelle ♀ Peppy Anteater February 16th "snorty"
Antonio ♂ Jock Anteater October 20th "honk"
Apollo ♂ Cranky Eagle July 4th "pah"
Astrid ♀ Snooty Kangaroo September 8th "my pet"
Aurora ♀ Normal Penguin January 27th "b-b-baby"
Avery ♂ Cranky Eagle February 22nd "skree-haw"
Axel ♂ Jock Elephant March 23rd "WHONK"
Baabara ♀ Snooty Sheep March 28th "daahling"
Becky ♀ Snooty Chicken December 9th "chicklet"
Bella ♀ Peppy Mouse December 28th "eeks"
Benedict ♂ Lazy Chicken October 10th "uh-hoo"
Bettina ♀ Normal Mouse June 12th "eekers"
Big Top ♂ Lazy Elephant October 3rd "villain"
Bill ♂ Jock Duck February 1st "quacko"
Biskit ♂ Lazy Dog May 13th "dawg"
Blaire ♀ Snooty Squirrel July 3rd "nutlet"
Bluebear ♀ Peppy Cub June 24th "peach"
Bob ♂ Lazy Cat January 1st "pthhhpth"
Bones ♂ Lazy Dog August 4th "yip yip"
Boomer ♂ Lazy Penguin February 7th "human"
Boone ♂ Jock Gorilla September 12th "baboom"
Bree ♀ Snooty Mouse July 7th "cheeseball"
Broccolo ♂ Lazy Mouse June 30th "eat it"
Buck ♂ Jock Horse April 4th "pardner"
Bud ♂ Jock Lion August 8th "maaan"
Bunnie ♀ Peppy Rabbit May 9th "tee-hee"
Butch ♂ Cranky Dog November 1st "ROOOOOWF"
Camofrog ♂ Cranky Frog June 5th "ten-hut"
Carmen ♀ Peppy Rabbit January 6th "nougat"
Caroline ♀ Normal Squirrel July 15th "hulaaaa"
Cesar ♂ Cranky Gorilla September 6th "highness"
Champ ♂ Jock Monkey June 4th "choo CHOO"
Chester ♂ Lazy Cub August 6th "rookie"
Chevre ♀ Normal Goat March 6th "la baa"
Chief ♂ Cranky Wolf December 19th "harrumph"
Chow ♂ Cranky Bear July 22nd "aiya"
Chrissy ♀ Peppy Rabbit August 28th "sparkles"
Clyde ♂ Lazy Horse May 1st "clip-clawp"
Coco ♀ Normal Rabbit March 1st "doyoing"
Cookie ♀ Peppy Dog June 18th "arfer"
Cousteau ♂ Jock Frog December 17th "oui oui"
Cube ♂ Lazy Penguin January 29th "d-d-dude"
Curly ♂ Jock Pig July 26th "nyoink"
Curt ♂ Cranky Bear July 1st "fuzzball"
Cyrano ♂ Cranky Anteater March 9th "ah-CHOO"
Daisy ♀ Normal Dog November 16th "bow-WOW"
Deena ♀ Normal Duck June 27th "woowoo"
Del ♂ Cranky Alligator May 27th "gronk"
Derwin ♂ Lazy Duck May 25th "derrrrr"
Dizzy ♂ Lazy Elephant July 14th "woo-oo"
Dora ♀ Normal Mouse February 18th "squeaky"
Dotty ♀ Peppy Rabbit March 14th "wee one"
Drake ♂ Lazy Duck June 25th "quacko"
Drift ♂ Jock Frog October 9th "brah"
Ed ♂ Smug Horse September 16th "greenhorn"
Egbert ♂ Lazy Chicken October 14th "doodle-duh"
Elise ♀ Snooty Monkey March 21st "puh-lease"
Elmer ♂ Lazy Horse October 5th "tenderfoot"
Eloise ♀ Snooty Elephant December 8th "tooooot"
Elvis ♂ Cranky Lion July 23rd "unh-hunh"
Eunice ♀ Normal Sheep April 3rd "lambchop"
Fang ♂ Cranky Wolf December 18th "cha-chomp"
Felicity ♀ Peppy Cat March 30th "mimimi"
Filbert ♂ Lazy Squirrel June 3rd "bucko"
Francine ♀ Snooty Rabbit January 22nd "karat"
Freckles ♀ Peppy Duck February 19th "ducky"
Freya ♀ Snooty Wolf December 14th "uff da"
Friga ♀ Snooty Penguin October 16th "brrmph"
Frobert ♂ Jock Frog February 8th "fribbit"
Gabi ♀ Peppy Rabbit December 16th "honeybun"
Gala ♀ Normal Pig March 5th "snortie"
Gaston ♂ Cranky Rabbit October 28th "mon chou"
Genji ♂ Jock Rabbit January 21st "otaku"
Gigi ♀ Snooty Frog August 11th "ribette"
Gladys ♀ Normal Ostrich January 15th "stretch"
Gloria ♀ Snooty Duck August 12th "quacker"
Goldie ♀ Normal Dog December 27th "woof"
Goose ♂ Jock Chicken October 4th "buh-kay"
Grizzly ♂ Cranky Bear July 31st "grr"
Groucho ♂ Cranky Bear October 23rd "grumble"
Gwen ♀ Snooty Penguin January 23rd "h-h-hon"
Harry ♂ Cranky Hippo January 7th "beach bum"
Hopper ♂ Cranky Penguin April 6th "slushie"
Hugh ♂ Lazy Pig December 30th "snortle"
Iggly ♂ Jock Penguin November 2nd "waddler"
Jambette ♀ Normal Frog October 27th "croa-kay"
Jay ♂ Jock Bird July 17th "heeeeeyy"
Jeremiah ♂ Lazy Frog July 8th "nee-deep"
Jitters ♂ Jock Bird February 2nd "bzzert"
Joey ♂ Lazy Duck January 3rd "bleeeeeck"
Kabuki ♂ Cranky Cat November 29th "meooo-OH"
Kid Cat ♂ Jock Cat August 1st "psst"
Kiki ♀ Normal Cat October 8th "kitty cat"
Kitt ♀ Normal Kangaroo October 11th "child"
Kitty ♀ Snooty Cat February 15th "mrowrr"
Knox ♂ Cranky Chicken November 23rd "cluckling"
Kody ♂ Jock Cub September 28th "grah-grah"
Lily ♀ Normal Frog February 4th "zzrrbbitt"
Limberg ♂ Cranky Mouse October 17th "squinky"
Lobo ♂ Cranky Wolf November 5th "ah-rooooo"
Lolly ♀ Normal Cat March 27th "bonbon"
Lucky ♂ Lazy Dog November 4th "rrr-owch"
Lucy ♀ Normal Pig June 2nd "snoooink"
Mac ♂ Jock Dog November 11th "woo woof"
Maelle ♀ Snooty Duck April 8th "duckling"
Mallary ♀ Snooty Duck November 17th "quackpth"
Maple ♀ Normal Cub June 15th "honey"
Marcel ♂ Lazy Dog December 31st "non"
Margie ♀ Normal Elephant January 28th "tootie"
Marina ♀ Normal Octopus June 26th "blurp"
Mathilda ♀ Snooty Kangaroo November 12th "wee baby"
Melba ♀ Normal Koala April 12th "toasty"
Merry ♀ Peppy Cat June 29th "mweee"
Midge ♀ Normal Bird March 12th "tweedledee"
Mint ♀ Snooty Squirrel May 2nd "ahhhhhh"
Miranda ♀ Snooty Duck April 23rd "quackulous"
Mitzi ♀ Normal Cat September 25th "mew"
Moe ♂ Lazy Cat January 12th "myawn"
Monique ♀ Snooty Cat September 30th "pffffft"
Monty ♂ Cranky Monkey December 7th "g'tang"
Moose ♂ Jock Mouse September 13th "shorty"
Mott ♂ Jock Lion July 10th "cagey"
Nan ♀ Normal Goat August 24th "kid"
Nana ♀ Normal Monkey August 23rd "po po"
Nate ♂ Lazy Bear August 16th "yawwwn"
Nibbles ♀ Peppy Squirrel July 19th "niblet"
Octavian ♂ Cranky Octopus September 20th "sucker"
Olivia ♀ Snooty Cat February 3rd "purrr"
Opal ♀ Snooty Elephant January 20th "snoot"
Pango ♀ Peppy Anteater November 9th "snooooot"
Pate ♀ Peppy Duck February 23rd "quackie"
Patty ♀ Peppy Cow May 10th "how now"
Peaches ♀ Normal Horse November 28th "neighbor"
Peanut ♀ Peppy Squirrel June 8th "slacker"
Pecan ♀ Snooty Squirrel September 10th "chipmunk"
Peewee ♂ Cranky Gorilla September 11th "li'l dude"
Peggy ♀ Peppy Pig May 23rd "shweetie"
Pekoe ♀ Normal Cub May 18th "bud"
Pierce ♂ Jock Eagle January 8th "hawkeye"
Pinky ♀ Peppy Bear September 9th "wah"
Pippy ♀ Peppy Rabbit June 14th "li'l hare"
Pompom ♀ Peppy Duck February 11th "rah rah"
Poncho ♂ Jock Cub January 2nd "li'l bear"
Poppy ♀ Normal Squirrel August 5th "nutty"
Portia ♀ Snooty Dog October 25th "ruffian"
Prince ♂ Lazy Frog July 21st "barrup"
Puck ♂ Lazy Penguin February 21st "brrrrrrrrr"
Puddles ♀ Peppy Frog January 13th "splish"
Pudge ♂ Lazy Cub June 11th "pudgy"
Punchy ♂ Lazy Cat April 11th "mrmpht"
Purrl ♀ Snooty Cat May 29th "kitten"
Queenie ♀ Snooty Ostrich November 13th "chicken"
Rasher ♂ Cranky Pig April 7th "swine"
Rhonda ♀ Normal Rhino January 24th "bigfoot"
Ribbot ♂ Jock Frog February 13th "toady"
Rizzo ♂ Cranky Mouse January 17th "squee"
Roald ♂ Jock Penguin January 5th "b-b-buddy"
Robin ♀ Snooty Bird December 4th "la-di-da"
Rocco ♂ Cranky Hippo August 18th "hippie"
Rod ♂ Jock Mouse August 14th "ace"
Rodeo ♂ Lazy Bull October 29th "chaps"
Rolf ♂ Cranky Tiger August 22nd "grrrolf"
Roscoe ♂ Cranky Horse June 16th "nay"
Rosie ♀ Peppy Cat February 27th "silly"
Rowan ♂ Jock Tiger August 26th "mango"
Ruby ♀ Peppy Rabbit December 25th "li'l ears"
Sally ♀ Normal Squirrel June 19th "nutmeg"
Samson ♂ Jock Mouse July 5th "pipsqueak"
Savannah ♀ Normal Horse January 25th "y'all"
Scoot ♂ Jock Duck June 13th "zip zoom!"
Simon ♂ Lazy Monkey January 19th "zzzook"
Snake ♂ Jock Rabbit November 3rd "bunyip"
Spork ♂ Lazy Pig September 3rd "snork"
Static ♂ Cranky Squirrel July 9th "krzzt"
Sterling ♂ Jock Eagle December 11th "skraaaaw"
Stinky ♂ Jock Cat August 17th "GAHHHH"
Stitches ♂ Lazy Cub February 10th "stuffin"
Sydney ♀ Normal Koala June 21st "sunshine"
Tabby ♀ Peppy Cat August 13th "me-WOW"
Tammi ♀ Peppy Monkey April 1st "chimpy"
Tangy ♀ Peppy Cat June 17th "reeeeOWR"
Tank ♂ Jock Rhino May 6th "kerPOW"
Teddy ♂ Jock Bear September 26th "grooof"
Tiffany ♀ Snooty Rabbit January 10th "bun bun"
Tipper ♀ Snooty Cow August 25th "pushy"
Tom ♂ Cranky Cat December 10th "me-YOWZA"
Truffles ♀ Peppy Pig July 28th "snoutie"
Tutu ♀ Peppy Bear September 15th "twinkies"
Twiggy ♀ Peppy Bird July 13th "cheepers"
Vesta ♀ Normal Sheep April 16th "baaaffo"
Victoria ♀ Peppy Horse July 11th "sugar cube"
Violet ♀ Snooty Gorilla September 1st "faboom"
Vladimir ♂ Cranky Cub August 2nd "nyet"
Walker ♂ Lazy Dog June 10th "wuh"
Wart Jr. ♂ Cranky Frog August 21st "grr-ribbit"
Wendy ♀ Peppy Sheep August 15th "lambkins"
Whitney ♀ Snooty Wolf September 17th "snappy"
Willow ♀ Snooty Sheep November 26th "bo peep"
Winnie ♀ Peppy Horse January 31st "hay-OK"
Wolfgang ♂ Cranky Wolf November 25th "snarrrl"
Yuka ♀ Snooty Koala July 20th "tsk tsk"

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