In Animal Forest e+, the player must pay off a certain debt to Tom Nook after the player pays off the second floor bill. He will then offer the player a nameable island. Once the player is done with these steps, the GBA will no longer be needed to visit the island. However, the player still needs to visit Kapp'n to get there. When the island is new, there will be no islander until the player invites one on it.

Inviting islanders

In order to invite an islander, visit the Wishing Well and scan the islander's e-Card. The player can choose up to 36 villagers, both old and new from Animal Crossing and Dōbutsu no Mori e+. The next day, the scanned islander will be on the shore of the island. In order to continue, the player will have to wake them up. The following day after waking the islander, they'll have a house built. However, it is quite empty and the islander will often request items. Bringing the islander items they want may increase the chance of getting rare island items. There are four creatures to be caught on the island, two fish and two insects, which are rare to the island and can only be caught there.