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Waving, or bowing, is an action that can be done in the Animal Crossing series. It is similar to emotions, but cannot be obtained from Dr. Shrunk or Frillard. The player can wave anytime, except for indoors, and when the villager is sad or mad. To wave, tap on a villager from a distance. It can be done across a pond, river, or river pool. In Wild World, when a player waves to a villager, the player has a better chance of obtaining a picture of the villager. Not all villagers wave to the player the same. Lazy and normal villagers will bow, while peppy, jock, cranky, snootysmug, and uchi villagers wave. If the villager likes the player; happy music, a little ding, will play in the background. On the other hand, if the villager dislikes the player, angry music, a piano dropping, or wind blowing, will play in the background. Waving too much to a villager in Wild World will cause the villager to think that the player has talked to them too much, making them unable to be talked to for a few minutes.

This feature was removed in New Leaf.

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