Wii Speak

Wii Speak
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Microphone
Released Flag of America 19 10 November 16, 2008
Flag of Europe December 5, 2008
Successor None, Wii U Gamepad Microphone

The Wii Speak is an add-on accessory to the Wii. It functions as a microphone allowing voice communication between two players. As well as having a dedicated channel for its functions, the Wii Speak Channel, it can also be used in certain games, including City Folk. The Wii Speak operates while visiting other players' towns. If other players do not have the Wii Speak they can still hear other players who do, and can still communicate by using the keyboard. To demonstrate the online features of City Folk, a bundle was released with the Wii Speak hardware included with a copy of the game. Animal Crossing players are also seen on Wii Speak packaging designs.

The Wii Speak is designed to sit on top of the Sensor Bar and has two adhesive pads underneath so it can be easily affixed to it. Designed to be able to capture the audio from multiple voices across the room, the Wii Speak has advanced noise-cancelling functions designed to be able to remove the game audio, which is necessary as the Wii Speak is placed very close to the television set. In practice, the Wii Speak has been succeeded by the microphone built into the Wii U gamepad, but the Wii U is still compatible with any connected Wii Speak microphones.