Developer Wiimm & Leseratte
Launch date May 2014
Status Online
Platform Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
Games City Folk
Wild World
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Wiimmfi is a custom, third-party Wi-Fi service created to replace Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which closed down on May 20th, 2014. This allows people to once again connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Only a few games are currently supported by Wiimmfi, and not all have all online features working. City Folk is supported by Wiimmfi, and has a dedicated group who have setup a town that is permanently open, for which the thread can be found here.

Using Wiimmfi with City Folk

As with any homebrew procedure, care must be taken to follow steps exactly, or the player runs the risk of permanently damaging their console and voiding their warranty.

The player will need both the Homebrew Channel (using either the LetterBomb method if on a Wii updated to the latest version or the Smash Stack method if on a Wii U) as well as the patcher found here. After installing the Homebrew Channel, the player has to extract the patch onto an SD card and load up the Homebrew Channel with the SD card and Animal Crossing disk inserted. From there, the game can be launched and played with the Wiimmfi servers.

Games supported

A regularly updated list of supported games can be found at